Young girl passed out sex

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According to a Rock Hill police report, officers charged Sheretha Antoinetta Williams, 19, with third degree criminal sexual conduct - forcible rape. Officers say Williams was found engaged in a sex act with a year-old girl who was drunk and passed out. Officers say the teens were at a New Year's Eve house party along Rhea Street on December 31, along with several other teens, and were drinking underage. The year-old female victim told officers that she drank so much alcohol, that she can't remember what happened that night, but was told by her friends the next day.

When Is Someone Too Drunk to Legally Consent to Sex?

The problem with consent: Sex-assault cases and intoxication - The Globe and Mail

Consent is a complex and controversial topic that has been in the public eye in recent years due, in part, to several high-profile sexual assault cases. While the video provides a surprisingly good overview of the basic concepts, the laws regarding consent vary from state to state and can be especially complicated when alcohol is involved in the situation. In other words, there are some circumstances in which a person cannot legally consent to sexual intercourse or contact. Whether someone is mentally incapacitated due to intoxication can be much harder to discern, particularly if both parties are drinking.

Teen: Woman passed out during rape

Shocking and disturbing video appears to show a passed out homeless woman being raped by a homeless man on a sidewalk in Venice. It happened Friday evening in front of a Venice business and police are now investigating. The woman who filmed the video asked FOX 11 for anonymity, but says she was at a store near Lincoln and Rose Friday evening around 7pm when she saw a homeless woman laying out front with a bottle of booze in her hand. Police were immediately called, but before officers on scene, the witness says a second, much bigger man came across the street, chased the first man away, and began to assault and berate the woman.
The only time the year-old woman opened her eyes, Adrian Jackson testified Tuesday, was when one of his friends rolled her off the couch before he took off her underwear and had sex with her. The testimony came during the trial of Dwight Henry Neil, now 19, the oldest of five teenagers accused in August of gang-raping the woman, who was incapacitated. Prosecutors say the teens met the victim at a birthday party in Floral City late Aug. There, they say, the victim drank a bottle of Boone's Farm wine and a cup of gin that left her nauseated and so drunk that she was unconscious when a friend dropped her off at her Inverness home.