Would my boyfriend like me shave my vagina

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Thanks for this info! I an aware of this, but I also think that all girls and guys should know this. Even, I chose to remove them, mostly because I like it all smooth and hairless. But it is important to watch your intimate health! We have this crazy open communication thing, we talk a lot about sex. So basically, we try to fullfill every single little crazy fantasy..

Is This Petty? He Told Me He Couldn’t Go Down On Me Until I Got Rid Of My Pubic Hair

8 Women Share the Most Offensive Remarks Guys Have Made About Their Pubic Hair

I reached out to a bunch of women who were willing to anonymously share some of the weirdest and worst things dudes have said to them about their down-there hairstyles. When I asked why he said that, he said it was because he kept almost sneezing when he went down on me. It was, strangely, kind of a valid thing to say. And he was really good at oral, so I did a little trimming.

8 Women Share the Most Offensive Remarks Guys Have Made About Their Pubic Hair

Yes, I manscape. I don't think the expectation of basic body-hair grooming is unreasonable, in the same sense that I also shower and cut my nails occasionally. So no, it doesn't make someone an asshole to want their partner to trim things just a bit down there within their comfort level. Hey, if it's the summer solstice and you'd both get a kick out of shaving a ray of sunshine into your pubes, go for it! This is America.
When you are in a relationship with someone for some time, you will start to get to know each other better. Even, you can know what your partner likes and dislikes. You can even have the feeling that whether your boyfriend is currently in the good mood or not. And you can also get affected or influenced easily by your boyfriend's opinion on something when it comes to you. But, how about this, why does my boyfriend want me to shave my pubic hair?