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The caravan is the first in recent months to head toward Texas instead of California. Customs and Border Protection has bolstered staffing and conducted exercises with officers in riot gear, and the Defense Department said Wednesday that it would send soldiers to Eagle Pass in a support capacity. But the Mexican police and soldiers already have tightly controlled the factory where the migrants are being held. Migrants were not allowed to stay anywhere else. Coahuila has long been plagued by the now-fragmented Zetas cartel as well as by cold weather.

Trump prevails as Mexican officials stop caravan at Texas border and ship migrants to other cities

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Not only are the Maya enduring almost five centuries after the Spanish conquest, but their cultural traditions, agrarian lifestyle, and celebratory festivals continue on. There are more than 20 distinct Maya peoples within Guatemala, each with their own culture, style of dress, and language, and hundreds of thousands more Maya live beyond the borders. Many Maya may celebrate the beginning of the next 5,year cycle of the Long Count calendar just as we celebrated the new millennium. The ancient Maya developed the concept of zero.

Migrant caravan detained in old factory

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Millan, arrested last year in San Antonio, is on trial for killing in furtherance of drug-trafficking crimes, among an array of other charges. Most of them were killed in the same gory way: chopped up with an axe, he said, with the body parts then burned in barrels. The Express-News is not identifying the witness at the request of the judge and lawyers in the case due to the high potential of cartel retaliation against his family.