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The actor died of a congenital heart defect the very day his character Timmy died on the show and donated his heart to Charity Standish. Timmy was originally a doll created by the town witch Tabitha Lenox as a sidekick in her various evil schemes against the people of Harmony. Timmy had a good heart though and came to love Charity Standish , a main target of Tabitha's evil, for her innocence and kindness. At times Timmy would interfere with Tabitha's schemes to get rid of Charity.

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Josh Ryan Evans

Then, sometime around mid-morning, this happy feeling will vanish in a snap, because a dark thought will cross my mind: how can I have a good day when Passions is canceled? Yes, Passions , the most WTF TV show in human history was jerked off the air in , and 11 years on, its loss still stings. What was Passions? Originally airing on NBC when it premiered in from pm if you watched it on the local Anchorage affiliate KTUU like I did, Passions centered around the small New England town of Harmony, and primarily focused around a few families: the Cranes, the Bennetts, the Russells, the Winthrops, and my personal favorites, the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Tabitha and Timmy were, hands down, the greatest duo in all of pop culture history.
Though he was 17 years old when Passions debuted, Evans had the appearance and voice of a small child due to achondroplasia , a form of dwarfism. He was 3 feet 2 inches 97 cm tall. Born in Hayward, California , Evans began his career at age 12, appearing in various commercials. He made his film debut as a toddler in Baby Geniuses in