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Follow all the updates from the Paralympics opening ceremony in our live blog. If you go to your GP with a sore back, knee pain or a headache, you'll probably feel quite comfortable telling them what's going on. But when the body part that's causing you trouble is inside your underwear, it's often a different story. Women will ignore symptoms that involve their vulva or vagina because they feel embarrassed or ashamed. Some even fail to recognise when something's gone awry in the first place. Ignoring symptoms — such as changes in appearance, pain or irritation — can mean you might miss picking up on a skin condition, infection, or sexually transmitted disease.

A gynaecologist's guide to good vulva and vagina health

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The vagina is a fascinating body part—what it looks like , how it smells , even how it changes over time. Chances are, there are probably a lot of vagina facts that you don't know, so we tapped top experts to find out the most amazing—and important—things every woman should know about her vagina. The truth is, the labia majora outer lips and labia minora inner lips look different on all types of bodies. There are several general labia types but even these have plenty of variation : asymmetric inner or outer lips; curved outer lips shaped like a horseshoe ; dangling outer lips; dangling or protruding inner lips; small closed lips and small open lips.

I'm embarrassed by my unattractive vagina

Gynecologists field questions from patients who wonder, Is my vagina normal? Ross , M. Period, tells SELF.
The skin disease lichen sclerosus causes vulval itching and soreness and is often misdiagnosed as vaginal thrush. Left untreated, progression may lead to loss of genital features, but with early diagnosis and simple treatment, the condition can be managed successfully. Living with undiagnosed lichen sclerosus LS , my vulva prickled and burned, and felt as if it had been etched with small paper cuts.