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Home Mary-kate Olsen. Mary-kate Olsen. The pictures appeared briefly on 4chan and Reddit, before being removed, celebrity gossip site TMZ reported. Full House was cancelled in after eight seasons because the network decided the production was becoming too expensive. Ashley Olsen approves of her twin sister's unlikely romance with Olivier Sarkozy. The pint-sized fashion designer was spotted tagging along for a lunch date with her sister Mary-Kate and year-old Olivier - the half-brother of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy - in New York City on Saturday.

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Why Hollywood Won't Cast The Olsen Twins Anymore

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Why Hollywood Won't Cast The Olsen Twins Anymore

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After starring in Full House for eight seasons, they built an empire of straight-to-VHS movies, video games, and toys. Heck, they even had an animated series, Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action! But, as with all good things, the twins' reign over pop culture came to an end. And, unfortunately, it seems unlikely that these two will ever grace the small screen again. Read on to learn all about why the entertainment biz may have given up on casting the former child stars—and why they may have given up on the entertainment biz right back.