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African Economic Development and This article reviews how colonial rule and African actions during the colonial period affected the resources and institutional settings for subsequent economic development south of the Sahara. The issue is seen from the perspective of the dynamics of development in what was in an overwhelmingly land-abundant region characterised by shortages of labour and capital, by perhaps surprisingly extensive indigenous market activities and by varying but often low levels of political centralisation. Besides asking about the strength of the influence of the past on the future, we need to consider the nature of that influence. Did colonial rule put African countries on a higher or lower path of economic change?

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African Economic Development and Colonial Legacies

English is a Germanic language introduced in Great Britain around A. During four centuries of French domination that followed the Norman Conquest of , this Germanic language was transformed into something completely different: French words were added and most of the complexities of German grammar gender, case, etc. According to Fox , English remained autonomous and open to change foreign words, new words, and grammatical changes in contrast, for example, to the French, governed by the purists of the Academie Francaise , which thus led to it becoming the ideal "second language". This means there is no supremacy of one language over another.

Great Britain dominated the seas and enjoyed unbridled success in overseas trade. France was still at war with Great Britain, and Bonaparte hoped to disrupt British trade routes to India and establish French domination in the exotic east. He eluded a British fleet, captured the port of Malta, and on July 1, , landed with 35, soldiers in Egypt. But it was really madness on his part because all of the military calculations at the time held that it was impossible for a European army to conquer the East.
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