The clitoris retracting

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Why do so many women have difficulty reaching orgasm? A new study suggests that, for some, an anatomical disorder may be to blame. Researchers at Boston University School of Medicine report that roughly one quarter of the women they have treated for sexual dysfunction have clitoral phimosis, which means the hood of skin surrounding their clitoris is too tight or there is no opening in the skin for the glans of the clitoris to protrude for stimulation. The scientists, who were led by Irwin Goldstein, presented their findings at the Female Sexual Function Forum, a four-day meeting in Boston of physicians and therapists that ended Sunday.

What Is Clitoral Atrophy and How’s It Treated?

Clitoral Atrophy: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and More

In female human anatomy , the clitoral hood also called preputium clitoridis and clitoral prepuce is a fold of skin that surrounds and protects the glans of the clitoris ; it also covers the external shaft of the clitoris, develops as part of the labia minora and is homologous with the foreskin equally called prepuce in male genitals. The clitoral hood is formed during the fetal stage by the cellular lamella. The clitoral hood is formed from the same tissues that form the foreskin in human males. The clitoral hood varies in the size, shape, thickness, and other aesthetic areas. Some women have large clitoral hoods that completely cover the clitoral glans.

Everything You Should Know About Your Clitoral Hood

Think of it as having a piece of sand in your eye; it's a tiny piece of sand, but it hurts so much. Skip navigation! Story from Sex School.
Clitoral adhesions can cause significant pain, and routine clitoral examinations could benefit women with sexual dysfunction, researchers say. In their recent Sexual Medicine study, the research team focused on the prevalence and risk factors of clitoral adhesions. Typically, the prepuce can be easily retracted over the glans. In women with clitoral adhesions, areas of the hood adhere to the glans, making retraction difficult. The area may be red, swollen, painful, or hypersensitive.