Teen asking to be spanked

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Wiki User. You should have him over your knee first of all. Amd as far as how hard. I say until he is crying and can say with true sincerity that he deserves the spanking that he is receiving.

Spanking: The Case Against It (Ages 1-3)

Should 16 year olds be spanked bare bottom if they ask to be?

Write a story about a teenage girl who asks her babysitter to give her a spanking. Include at least two spankings. Include dialogue and action. Give all characters names. She was 15 and it seamed like she greeted me like I was a star. When I knocked on the door I was told the door is open and to come on in. Entering the house I saw Madison standing next to the table, her shoes were off, the hairbrush was lying on the table, and her jeans were unsnapped and unzipped.

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The short answer is no. Some people feel hesitant to abandon a discipline they experienced when they were children. But the thinking on spanking has changed over the years, and now doctors and child advocacy groups advise against spanking, slapping, or any other kind of physical punishment. When your child misbehaves or acts in defiant, inappropriate, or even dangerous ways, you want to show him his behavior is unacceptable and must change.