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Electric fishes of the continental waters of America. Brachyhypopomus cannot be diagnosed unambiguously from Microsternarchus or from Procerusternarchus on the basis of external characters alone. Brachyhypopomus comprises 28 species. Here we describe 15 new species, and provide redescriptions of all 13 previously described species, based on meristic, morphometric, and other morphological characters. We include notes on ecology and natural history for each species, and provide regional dichotomous keys and distribution maps, based on the examination of 12, specimens from 2, museum lots. Comfort, J.

Construction and validation of the maternal locus of control scale

Cryptosporidium parvum , a major cause of diarrhea in calves, is of concern given its zoonotic potential. Numerous outbreaks of human cryptosporidiosis caused by C. Although cryptosporidiosis has been reported from human patients in Uruguay, particularly children, epidemiologic information is scant and the role of cattle as reservoirs of zoonotic subtypes of C. In this study, we aimed to a -identify C. Feces of calves that had tested positive for Cryptosporidium spp.

The bufonid toad Chaunus achavali, a recently described species known only from Uruguay, is recorded for Brazil. This species is morphologically similar to C. A lectotype of C. Additional field notes on C.
Guelatao No. Universidad No. Colonia Copilco Universidad. The theory of social learning states that reinforcement or rewards are essential for the acquisition of knowledge Rotter, However, what some consider a reward or reinforcement may be perceived differently by others, causing dissimilar reactions.