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Based on years of biomechanical testing and medical research, this new motion seating technology reduces occupant fatigue and improves overall wellness and safety through automated, micro-adjustments of the driver and passenger seats. This first-of-its-kind technology can be programmed into any memory seat and can additionally actuate any other system in the seat such as lumbar support, bolsters, heating and cooling, and existing massage functions. The technology is a result of Dr Paul Phipps, a noted Indianapolis-based chiropractor specializing in human performance biomechanics, treating his long-time patients for chronic back pain associated with the cumulative effects of sitting, especially when driving frequently or for long distances. Motion Seating is a proactive technology, meaning it is designed to preempt tissue fatigue, and reduce related discomfort.

CMG launches intelligent seating system to combat driver back pain

CMG launches intelligent seating system to combat driver back pain | Automotive Interiors World

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So both Erksan and Robbe-Grillet are recreating the Ottoman past as opposed to the aspirations of the neo-Kemalists in peculiar Orientalist tropes. As for the western filmmakers, Istanbul was also a popular setting since the advent of cinema. A Turkish filmmaker mostly educated in western culture in line with the Kemalist educational policies, Erksan, does not really live in the Oriental world he is depicting. She guides him through the beautiful streets and ruins of the city and suddenly disappears.
Hope Thomas-Glavin known by her patients as Dr. Glavin, is a graduate of the Oklahoma University College of Dentistry. In , she completed her graduate program residency training at the former Wilmington Hospital, now Christiana Care Health Systems. She practiced as a dentist for three years in Dover before coming to the Pike Creek Valley to practice with Dr.