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As part of the year-long 50WomenAtYale commemoration, OISS will highlight international alumnae—women of all generations and backgrounds from around the world who have gone on to make fascinating and noble contributions. OISS welcomes suggestions for future highlights. Please email Uma Shankar with your suggestions. She is the founder and Managing Partner of Dragonrise Capital in Shanghai, which invests in high-growth tech, media, and telecom companies.

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Mental health information and tips for recent graduates

Featuring useful facts, figures and information, this booklet also contains sources of help and what not to say to people experiencing depression. Poster created in partnership with Bank Workers Charity highlighting common causes of low mood, how to help yourself feel better and information on where to get more help. Aiming high can sometimes come at a cost. A bold A3 poster showing the warning signs that tell you when someone may be depressed. This poster could save a life. This is a personalised, practical tool that we can all use whether or not we have a mental health issue.

Women at Yale 50 150

Business leaders across the world are realizing the competitive advantage of offering a great customer experience and the value that resides within. This is not only in terms of how they interact with their customers and prospects throughout their life-cycle, but the way they shape their overall experience to increase conversions, lifetime business value, and brand loyalty. Where businesses once thought that differentiating themselves by product and efficiency was the best way to strive through tiff online market competition, distinction today lies in optimizing customer experiences to make them seamless and omnichannel. But, what is an experience? In the simplest of terms, experience is the quality of interaction between an individual and an element, where an element can be anything — a brand, a website, its products, services, a message, an email, a notification or even an individual as a matter of fact.
VWO helps you create delightful digital experiences for your customers and increase conversions across the entire customer journey by providing one integrated platform to meet all your conversion rate optimization needs. We tweet useful stuff daily Follow VWO. Yesterday we published our advice on what businesses should be optimizing during the COVID pandemic.