Pee leaking hold mtself

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You are now visiting Wellspect global website. To view the North American website please click here. This website uses cookies. By continuing to browse it, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. This is loss of urine when you exert pressure - stress - on your bladder by coughing, sneezing, laughing, exercising or lifting something heavy.


Urinary Incontinence in Men | HealthLink BC

Learn more. Bladder leakage, or urinary incontinence, affects women and men of all ages, though it becomes more common later in life. James Wright, M. If you have this type, activities that raise the pressure inside your abdomen cause urine to leak through the ring of muscle in your bladder that normally holds it in.

Urinary Incontinence in Men

Jump to content. Urinary incontinence is the accidental release of urine. It can happen when you cough, laugh, sneeze, or jog.
Urinary incontinence is the accidental release of urine. It's not a disease. It's a symptom of a problem with a man's urinary tract. Urine is made by the kidneys and stored in a sac made of muscle, called the urinary bladder.