Nurse sperm sample collection

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You and your partner have been in to see the doctor for a consultation, they have outlined a potential treatment plan and the nurses have informed you of what testing is required prior to beginning treatment. She has completed her work up and now it is your turn. You have been scheduled for lab work and a semen analysis. The day arrives; you and your partner have abstained for the required amount of time. You arrive at the office; state your name and reason for the appointment and sit down, being careful not to make eye contact with anyone. The door opens and your first name is called, you stand up; sure that everyone in the waiting room knows why you are here.

Collecting a Sperm Sample

Semen Collection After Vasectomy: Care Instructions

A semen analysis is a test to measure the number and quality of your sperm. The lab will also measure the amount of liquid semen produced with the sperm. Sperm quality is determined by looking at the shape of the sperm, the number of sperm, and how well they move. You may have a semen analysis if you are having problems fathering a child. Or your doctor may do a semen analysis to find out whether surgery vasectomy to keep you from fathering a child worked. You may have to give a few samples over time.

Semen Collection After Vasectomy: Care Instructions

After your vasectomy, you will need to make sure there are no sperm in your semen. You will have to give your doctor a semen sample. The doctor or the lab will count the number of sperm.
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