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While the phrase "rated X" likely conjures up images of the kind of movie to which Travis Bickle might squire a date, the rating's original intention had little to do with the pornography that eventually came to define it. When the Motion Picture Association of America MPAA decided to implement a ratings system in November , its purpose was to easily communicate to parents whether a flick would be fun for the whole family… or earn them a visit from child protective services. But it didn't take long for the adult industry to join the party and co-opt the salacious-sounding X -- then take it two steps further by adopting a XXX rating for its spiciest titles. Because the MPAA neglected to trademark its ratings system opening the door to that aforementioned porn penetration , rather than compete with or take on the adult industry to bring the X rating back to its original purpose, they dropped it altogether.

Barely Legal: 30 Nearly Pornographic Mainstream Films

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Watching pornography is a normal extracurricular activity for many women. Why should you sacrifice a good plot for great sex? Get you some porn that can do both. The best and most arousing porn films are often the ones that involve drama, relationships, and, ya know, things other than HD penises on the screen.

26 Horny Netflix Sex Scenes That Are Way Better Than Porn

From reality TV to true crime , whatever you're in the mood to watch or put on in the background while you scroll on your phone, Netflix obviously has you covered. In addition to raunchy dating shows and classic series, the streaming service has a lot of different options when it comes to steamy content. Sure, you could just head to your favorite bookmarked porn site, but finding yourself unexpectedly aroused while watching TV sometimes leads to truly mind-blowing orgasms. Whatever you gravitate toward—from steamy teen dramas to sex-infused thrillers —there are actually a ton of different options you can watch without awkward popups or weird ads.
There are some movies out there that are so sexually intense that it almost feels like watching porn, even if they also have a serious narrative. The 16 films on this list are as serious as they are erotic, for evenings where you want a little spice with that sugar. Movies can take us to new worlds beyond our wildest imaginations — and occasionally, the new world shown on-screen is a very sexy one. Just make sure to take a cold shower afterward, because fair warning