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A midget professional wrestler is a dwarf or person of short stature who competes in professional wrestling. Midget is also a designation given to the year old age division in the U. Wrestling Association. Despite the acclaim of some midget wrestlers, midget wrestling is rarely taken as seriously as other forms of professional wrestling, and is thought to be a holdover from earlier wrestling's vaudeville origins, where comedy was as important as athletics, as well as from wrestling's carny origins, where a premium was placed on the visually unusual. Some folklore has surrounded midget wrestling's heyday in the s and s. Competitive midget wrestling declined sharply in the United States in the s, though it remains popular in Mexican wrestling.

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Midget wrestlers, girls and drinking? Good times - The Globe and Mail

This article was published more than 10 years ago. Some information in it may no longer be current. As sometimes happens, I have to be crystal clear from the start. I'm not making this up: "This summer the biggest thing on TV will be four feet tall. Yes, midget wrestling.


Midget wrestling is professional wrestling involving dwarves or people of short stature. In the following couple of decades, more wrestlers became prominent in North America, including foreign wrestlers like Japan's Little Tokyo. The attraction was very popular in wrestling promotions from the s into the s.
Read the Spanish-language version of this story here. The year-old measures in at one meter a little over 3 feet and he chose a name to honor his size: Microman. Microman grew up in the lucha libre , Mexico's colorful brand of professional wrestling. His father, KeMonito, is one of the sport's biggest stars, although he isn't considered a wrestler. KeMonito dons a blue, full-body monkey suit reminiscent of an Ewok and has worked since the s as a sidekick, known as a mascota , which translates to English as both mascot and pet.