Mature bar girl

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Every year, a constant and significant amount of single male tourists from every corner of the world flock to Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket, and other popular nightlife destinations in Thailand—primarily to have sex with Thai bar girls. The reason: A combination of attributes, including year-round warm weather, affordable prices, and lively nightlife, make Thailand one of the most popular sex tourism destinations in the world. Thai bar girls are typically young, slim, sexy Thai women and have a reputation for being fun-loving and easy-going. A typical Thai bar girl working in Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket, or any of the famous nightlife and sex tourism hot-spots in Thailand can best be defined as a woman who works in a bar and is also a prostitute. In Thailand, whether they are employed as waitresses, hostesses, or dancers, bar girls are employed primarily to attract customers to the bar.

What Becomes of Bargirls?

Pattaya Bar Girls - No Money, No Honey?

The answer is fairly simple. And those who are still willing to do the job, whether they like it or not, will obviously ask for more money. Have you, too, sometimes wondered why many bar girls these days, presumably not only in Pattaya, seem to show less interest in you and perhaps even your money than just a few years ago, and some might even completely reject you? Finally, why are more and more bar owners moaning about how hard it has become in recent years to find suitable young women to work in a bar? A country needs two things if it is to have a healthy bargirl industry, namely poverty and young women, and it looks like Thailand is about to run out of both.

Pattaya Bar Girls – “No Money, No Honey?”

Many bargirls live life in the fast lane, not dis-similar to rock stars. Some bar customers foolishly think it is they who have the rock star lifestyle when in fact it is the girls. It is the girls who guys go to the bars to worship. It is the girls who customers pay to see and spend time with, and it is the girls who make the money.
Hi all Im going to be in Pattaya over the Songkran period staying at the LK Royal Suit on soi Buakao and I was wondering if there is somewhere I might find a bar where I might be able to find a more mature crowd and ladies in the area.. Or just any advice about the surroundings cheers. Bamboo Bar near Walking Street