Kara dioguardi and the bikini girl

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Bikini Girl was to put it mildly not a happy camper, although one has to agree that she was certainly one fabulously exposed camper. After the song ended, DioGuardi smiled and gave Katrina an up and down look and remarked that she wasn't all that. Bikini Girl visibly shaken replied that there was no way that Kara could ever hope to fill out her bikini top. After the show, all hell broke loose back stage as Kara and Katrina got into a knock down, drag out catfight.

‘Idol’s’ Kara DioGuardi On Bikini Girl’s Playboy Call: ‘I Thought That Was Great For Her’

American Idol Season Finale: Kara DioGuardi Strips - TV - Vulture

If looks could kill, you'd be reading Kara Dioguardi's memorial right about now. Thankfully, the sassy American Idol judge is alive and well after ambushing a scantily-clad Idol hopeful. You might remember the attractive year-old as the would-be pop star who wore a bikini during auditions, as a gimmick to distance herself from the pack. Darell eventually wound up verbally sparring with then-brand new judge Kara Dioguardi over a performance of Mariah Carey's breakout hit, Vision Of Love. Sex sells, and it was naturally good ratings move to trot out a noticeably bustier Darell out a second time on Wednesday's season finale, bringing her back to accept a tongue-in-cheek award for "Best Attitude.

Reality Check: 'Bikini Girl' Brings Out the Fight in New 'Idol' Judge Kara DioGuardi

Every product is independently selected by obsessive editors. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission. We were, of course, expecting an appearance by our favorite slighted bombshell, Katrina Darrell, a. When it happened, we wrote the following :. Instead, about a verse into the shaky song, DioGuardi herself walked out on the stage and started to sing over an annoyed-looking Darrell who, for the record, was sporting very lovely new chest enhancements.
The stage was set for big changes on "American Idol" this year, but for day one of the Season 8 premier at least, it seemed like the same old tune. Deep-voiced Elijah Scarlett seemed more apt to voice a new round of All State commercials than to be the next American Idol. Despite promises from producers to quit giving face time to crackpots with costumes, those with stalker stares and songwriting books apparently are deal breakers. Though say what you want about Katrina Darell, she did bring on the most interesting part of the night: unveiling the real side of Kara DioGuardi.