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As a failed stand-up comedian, podcast star, and international asshole activist, Joe Rogan has been changing the landscape of Spotify incel-dom since Now looking to take a more person-driven approach to being the biggest asshole in the room, he has also recently given The Misnomer an exclusive interview on his life dealing with his medical cross to bear: living with a micropenis. Rogan claims his micropenis has been a major source of encouragement for him, as his lifelong goal was to one day become wealthy enough to pay someone to touch it. This goal has also driven him to his political ideals; he has an intense desire to see money become the only thing that matters in life so that people will forget about his social and physical inadequacies.

Joe Rogan faces severe backlash after alleged transphobic comments during his podcast

I Tried to Live Like Joe Rogan - The Atlantic

Some of the guests he has invited over the years have been accused of spreading misinformation and propaganda about various socio-economic and political topics. His comments were accused of being transphobic, with various people on Twitter criticizing the podcast host. Joe Rogan had invited comedian and long-term friend Jim Breuer for his March 19th podcast episode. The two discussed a variety of topics and talked about transgender people for some time as well. Im not gonna give spotify my money if they are gonna pay joe rogan mil a year to be a transphobic covid denier lmaoo. Really damaged his progressive credentials to me. I'm pretty sure I've cleaned up any unknowns, but g'head and unfollow or block me if you're any of the following: Racist Sexist Ableist Misogynistic Homophobic Transphobic A Joe Rogan viewer.

Why Is Joe Rogan So Popular?

E very morning of my Joe Rogan experience began the same way Joe Rogan begins his: with the mushroom coffee. As a coffee lover, the mere existence of mushroom coffee offends me. But it tastes fine, and even better after another cup of actual coffee.
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