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Approximately one in 10 heterosexual Japanese adults in their thirties are virgins, according to scientists investigating why a portion of the country's population appears to been turned off by sex. In the past decade, half of the population had lost their virginity by their early 20s, a study published in the journal BMC Public Health revealed. A virgin was defined in the study as someone who had never had sexual intercourse with a member of the opposite sex. Peter Ueda, lead author of the study, an expert in epidemiology and public health, and leader of the research project at the University of Tokyo told Newsweek the rates of sexually inexperienced heterosexual people in Japan are the highest ever observed in a high-income country. The surveys were filled out between and , and each involved between 11, and 17, 18 to year-old participants. Between and , the number of women aged 18 to 39 who were virgins rose from


The year-old Virgin: One in 10 Adults in Japan Haven't Had Sex by Their Thirties

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The 30-year-old Virgin: One in 10 Adults in Japan Haven't Had Sex by Their Thirties

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The sex lives of the Japanese, the story goes, have been almost entirely sublimated. Recent reports from the US , UK and Germany also show dampening sex drives among the young, postponed marriages, fewer babies being born. But regardless of their passports, the primary inactives are men.