Internal view of orgasm

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Vaginal vs. In our increasingly digital world, sex and female body image are often misrepresented. Yet, sex makes people happy and plays an important role in social bonding as well as mental and physical health. We shine a spotlight on how the vagina, vulva, and clitoris work, as well as on what is currently known about the elusive G-spot and the female orgasm. Also called the birth canal, the vagina allows for the passage of blood and cells in menstruation, the introduction of sperm during sex, and the delivery of the baby and placenta at the end of pregnancy. The vagina only has a limited number of nerve endings, which is thought to be important to help women cope with the pain of childbirth.

The Internal Clitoris, or That Thing You Never Knew You Had

The Internal Clitoris, or That Thing You Never Knew You Had | Glamour

But they exist, and with a little awareness and attention, you can get the Os you deserve, from the fireworks-on-display kind to the calm oh-my-gods. When you find yourself missing out on the Big O, there are three likely culprits: expectations, communication, and method. And alongside all of that, experimenting is required. The clitoris is a small organ with a lot of nerve endings that peeks out from the tiptop of the vulva, is often covered by a hood, and extends down the inside of the labia. The best way to stimulate the clitoris is by gently rubbing with the fingers, palm, or tongue in a back and forth or circular motion.


Let's just start with the basics: Any orgasm is a good orgasm. But what most people with vulvas don't know is that you can experience six different kinds of orgasm through tantra. Here's everything you need to know about tantric orgasm and how to have one, or two, or Tantric orgasms are about rejecting shame, rejecting judgment, and breathing into the moment—whether you've never had an orgasm or have had thousands. Tantric sex , often considered "next-level" sex, is all about exploration, empowerment, and enjoyment.
But in reality that little love button is only the tip of a surprisingly complex iceberg called the internal clitoris. These women are basically the experts on everything clit science—and yes, clit science is totally a thing. So what are all the things the mysterious internal clitoris do? Here's some of the most important stuff to know about this amazing organ:.