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These are two completely different things. Olav's hospital. In several countries, women can still have surgery to reconstruct the hymen. A quick search on the Norwegian website ung.

Will I Bleed the First Time?

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Does a woman always bleed when she has sex for the first time?

Back to Sexual health. No, not always. Some women will bleed after having sex for the first time, while others will not. Both are perfectly normal. A woman may bleed when she has penetrative sex for the first time because of her hymen stretching or tearing.
If you have a vagina, you might bleed because the penetration tears the hymen. The hymen is a membrane near the opening of your vagina. Your hymen may already have a hole in it by the time you have sex for the first time. Think about it: How else would period blood come out? If your hymen is totally closed, you have a rare condition called an imperforate hymen.