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I wanted to share my night in Bordeaux with you through photos since words fail me when thinking of how I could describe it all. For hours I walked into shops and boutiques, people watching, and photo taking. I wanted to share these photos because I am still in that state of bliss from how beautiful this city is, especially at night. I had the opportunity to take a tram from the restaurant to my hotel but instead I decided to walk. After hours of rain it had finally stopped and the city glowed.

Nightlife in Bordeaux

5 Reasons I Love Bordeaux - Girl in Florence

Basically this means I could quite easily call this place home one day. There are many reasons to have a love affair with Bordeaux, it has history, it has the atmosphere , it has cute men in tight pants, and it has attractive trams that work. This is not something I often do, my anxiety to discover new places almost always prevails, but something I probably should learn to embrace more often. In Bordeaux, just look up! We were staying in their spare room for a night until our Airbnb rental was available and no-one even batted an eye. The more I go and I am not yet even sort of close to being fluent the people I have met have been some of the kindest, warmest, generous and fun.

A Night in Bordeaux, France in Photography

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I had a completely misguided perception of what Bordeaux would be like. And based on my previous experience in Napa Valley in California, I assumed Bordeaux would be on the high-end and boring side. It turns out Bordeaux is this beautiful gem of a town full of young people enjoying good food, good wine, and a vibrant nightlife. Since the city is on the small side, all the places to go out are in concentrated, walkable areas.