Female and cow sex

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Calf-Sex Influence in Bovine Milk Production

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A study was undertaken with the objective to identify some intrinsic genotype of the cow, estrus time and parity and extrinsic factors service type, service time and estrus seasons that affect calf sex ratio in naturally and artificially bred cattle in the central highlands of Ethiopia. A total of calving events were extracted from the long-term dairy cattle genetic improvement experiment at Holetta Agricultural Research Center. Accordingly, genotype of the cow, parity, estrus season, and service type had considerable influences on calf sex ratio. In Ethiopia, smallholder dairy farmers often complain that artificial insemination AI skewed to producing more male calves. However, our study showed that AI did not alter female-to-male calf sex ratio. On the contrary, natural mating increases the probability of female calves born odds ratio 1.

Animals are kinkier than you

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They also suggest that cows in a worse condition or of a genetically diverging strain invest more milk in heifer calves. Sex-biased milk production in cows can vary, favoring one sex or the other and, sometimes, none. It seems to favor females in intensive production systems, while in other less intensive systems, this effect seems to disappear.