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15 Mini Sex Poems That Are Just SO Satisfying!

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I had been married for almost 14 years and I had always been the more sexually charged partner in the relationship. I know, what? I thought men were supposed to be the more highly charged human sexual beasts. Wrong at least in this case. Once back in the dating pool I found myself back swimming with the rest of the sexually repressed singletons in my area.

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Hey girl, we heard that you love reading erotic poetry. The ones listed below will not only get you in the mood but will also satisfy your sexual appetite in the most pleasurable ways possible. So here are 15 short sex poems that will satisfy you like anything!
E is for the erotic…. View original post 96 more words. I also love it when a wonderful evening of passion inspires me to write a poem. My tongue is wet and ready to lick Holding you near my tongue wants to flick I spit on your hardness and swirl my tongue round Are you ready for my mouth, as I open and impound Up and down sucking harder each time Your Breathing increases as passions climb.