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Elena Anaya

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Close share via email share via facebook share via twitter. Throughout his career Degas returned to the same figures and motifs again and again, constantly modifying and refining them. One of these was nude women engaged in daily activities like bathing, drying themselves, or brushing their hair. His figures are often depicted from an unusual vantage point and framed asymmetrically. Though they appear unposed, Degas collaborated closely with his models in the studio.


In paintings of odalisques, the often naked women lie across the image like unwrapped gifts, exquisitely available to the men who paint them and to the patrons who value such female voluptuaries. Women watch themselves being looked at. The story is impossible — and weird, dark, funny and fractured, even jagged.
Elena was born in Palencia, Spain, on July 17th, An active child, she excelled in karate and mountain climbing. By the time she was 17 Elena knew that she wanted to channel her energy into being an actress and enrolled in a drama course being given in her local town by actor Manuel Moron. More determined than ever, she then opted out of school, choosing instead to audition for the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in Madrid. Moron mentioned Elena's exceptional talent to his agent, Katrina Bayonas, who was looking for a young girl to star in the film, "Africa".