Drug acting on sperm motility

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People mistakenly believe fertility medications exist solely to treat female infertility. In fact, there are several medications used to treat male infertility , ranging from hormone therapy to male fertility injections that improve sperm morphology physical structure and motility movement. Fertility pharmacies are a smart option if your male factor infertility diagnosis requires medicated treatments. The pharmacists and staff working for specialty pharmacies offer more in-depth and fertility-centric information and support. They are experienced in fertility therapy protocol and can answer questions and provide information about particular medication or fertility treatments in general.

Medications Used for Male Infertility

Effects of Pharmaceutical Medications on Male Fertility

Because many commonly encountered drugs and medications can have a detrimental effect on male fertility, the medical evaluation should include a discussion regarding the use of recreational and illicit drugs, medications, and other substances that may impair fertility. With the knowledge of which drugs and medications may be detrimental to fertility, it may be possible to modify medication regimens or convince a patient to modify habits to decrease adverse effects on fertility and improve the chances of achieving a successful pregnancy. Concern is growing that male sexual development and reproduction have changed for the worse over the past 30 to 50 years. Although some reports find no changes, others suggest that sperm counts appear to be decreasing and that the incidence of developmental abnormalities such as hypospadias and cryptorchidism appears to be increasing, as is the incidence of testicular cancer. These concerns center around the possibility that our environment is contaminated with chemicals - both natural and synthetic - that can interact with the endocrine system.

FDA-approved medications that impair human spermatogenesis

Diabetes mellitus has been increasing at alarming rates in recent years, thus jeopardizing human health worldwide. Several antidiabetic drugs have been introduced in the market to manage glycemic levels, and proven effective in avoiding, minimizing or preventing the appearance or development of diabetes mellitus-related complications. However, and despite the established association between such pathology and male reproductive dysfunction, the influence of these therapeutic interventions on such topics have been scarcely explored.
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