Clitoris touching physical exam

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NCBI Bookshelf. Boston: Butterworths; The pelvic examination is performed to collect information about the lower abdomen and external genitalia, vagina, cervix including cervical cytology , uterus, adnexa, anus, and rectum. Rapport is made with the patient antecedent to the pelvic examination via anamnesis and the general medical examination. The room should be clean and at comfortable temperature.

Experts Recommend Routine Clitoral Exams

Experts Recommend Routine Clitoral Exams: Center for Female and Male Sexual Medicine: Urologists

I have always wondered if clitoral contact is typical during the external vaginal exam and whether ladies find any enjoyment when it does happen. The clitoral hood is frequently retracted, but the clitoris is not palpated. However, women do seem to enjoy gentle retraction of the hood. This is accurate for real exams. In play exams, initially I introduce "accidental" contact and touching. Eventually there is extensive clitoral touching and manipulation, usually resulting in orgasm.

Clitoral contact during external vaginal exam

Clitoral adhesions can cause significant pain, and routine clitoral examinations could benefit women with sexual dysfunction, researchers say. In their recent Sexual Medicine study, the research team focused on the prevalence and risk factors of clitoral adhesions. Typically, the prepuce can be easily retracted over the glans.
Preparation: Pelvic exams are invasive and require discussion with the patient prior to beginning. This should include the rationale for the exam, the steps involved so that they know what to expect, and obtaining their verbal consent prior to proceeding. Even if someone has had a pelvic exam in the past, it's important to not make assumptions. The patient can opt out, though it's relevant to try to understand why. A chaperone should be present, serving as both an observer and 2nd pair of hands.