Christians adiction to masturbation

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How do you handle the solo sexual stuff? How do you deal with masturbation and pornography as a Christian? You send me questions about this almost every week, and you deserve an answer. There is no problem in our lives for which God does not have an answer.

Warning - Porn and Masturbation Are Not Safe Sex

Why I'm Sharing My Masturbation Struggle

T housands of e-mails have come to us from men and women of all walks of life who struggle with addictions to pornography, masturbation, cybersex, and similar sexual practices. Many lives and families devastated by addictive sexual sins. These problems are not unique to any race, financial, social or marital status—Christian or non-Christian. Often, those who contact us have told no one else about their problem. They suffer in silence. If you find yourself engulfed in a sexual addiction, here are some general tips that have helped many in their journey toward restoration and healing.

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NOTE: This post is over 20, words long and is available as a book. Today, masturbation and pornography addiction is a rampant endemic that is ravaging the lives of men, women, boys and girls around the world, whether we want to admit it or not. Nowadays, it is not hard to find a firebrand brother or sister having daily private struggles with masturbation and pornography. From the seat of masturbation, he rises up for prayer meetings; from the depths of pornography, she mounts the pulpit and the supernatural manifests. The imaginations of his thoughts are an abomination, but, somehow, he is able to speak words of comfort to those who are weak and heavy-laden.