Chicks anal prolapse

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Prolapse in laying hens is one, among the common diseases affecting laying chicken in the poultry farm that give concern to the poultry farmers or so called poultry keepers. By definition, prolapse is a slipping forward or down of a part or organ of the body, this definition if according to oxford dictionary. Now that we talking about laying chicken the organ here is the eggs, so the improper position of eggs in laying chickens are term prolapse. Sometimes the tissue does not retract after the egg has been laid and this condition is referred to as a prolapse.

Rectal Prolapse in young chick. ***warning.......vivd photos

Rectal Prolapse in Animals - Digestive System - Veterinary Manual

Rectal prolapse occurs in a wide range of species and may be caused by enteritis, intestinal parasites, rectal disorders and other underlying conditions. Diagnosis can be made based on the clinical signs ie, a cylindrical mucosal mass protruding from the anus. Treatment includes lavage of the protruding tissue, reduction, and placement of a temporary purse-string suture. Local anesthesia may help reduce straining and aid in prolapse reduction, especially in large animals.

Rectal Prolapse in Animals

Prolapse is usually more prevalent in older laying hens although younger hens can also suffer if their diet is not properly balanced. Ex-batts are particularly prone with their enforced daily laying routine meaning they can develop the condition at any time. There are things you can try to help remedy the condition but the very first thing to do is isolate the affected hen from the rest of the flock. This is because if any other hens notice they will peck at it unmercifully which can lead to more serious problems than the original prolapse. It is possible that under the right conditions the prolapse can retract and heal on its own but for this to work your hen will need to be isolated, kept inactive and need regular attention.
Prolapse pick out is the turning inside out of the oviduct and rectal organs through the vent, to the extent of not retracting back. Its occurrence may result in death. Its discovery in time will assist in the reposition of the organs back to their normal position using the hand. Click here to view chicken with prolapse.