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The strip-searching of female detainees in the Prison for Women by male officers made national news in Strip-searching re-emerged as a major law and policy issue in , when the Supreme Court of Canada in R v Golden ruled that strip searches must not be carried out as routine policy , and specified a legal standard that must be met before a strip search can be undertaken , as well as 11 safeguards to which police must adhere to execute a lawful strip search. Yet in , more than a decade after the Arbour Inquiry and seven years after Golden , another strip search of a woman detainee SB by male officers took place , making national news in when a court ordered release of the videotapes of the strip search and granted a stay of proceedings in consequence of the Charter violations. The authors argue that illegal strip-searching of women continues to occur in part because judges have failed to consistently and strongly condemn this form of police abuse , but also due to police resistance and their failure to meaningfully address police accountability through strong civilian complaints and police disciplinary processes. The authors conclude that it would be deeply disruptive of unauthorized police strip-searching of women if this practice were to be named sexual or criminal assault by judges. Introduction In , a videotape of male guards strip-searching women in the Prison for Women made national news1 and resulted in a federal inquiry led by the Honourable Louise Arbour.

NSW police strip-searched more than 340 school-aged boys in the past three years

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Back to list of subjects Back to Legal Publications Menu. Strip Search: Prisoners. A certified class action lawsuit asserted that in female inmates at an Illinois prison were subjected to strip searches during a training exercise for cadet guards. The women were compelled to stand nude, almost shoulder to shoulder with other prisoners in an area where they could be observed by others not conducting the searches, including male officers. Inmates who were menstruating allegedly had to remove their sanitary protection in front of others, were not given replacements, and some got blood on their bodies, clothing, and the floor.

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O n Feb. Like most people, I like getting checks. There was no joy attached to its delivery — only dark memories of the violent, degrading strip search that I and hundreds of other women endured as part of a cadet training exercise at Logan Correctional Center. The search took place on the morning of Oct. To this day, I believe the choice of Halloween was intentional.
Exclusive: Since , police have forced boys between the ages of 11 and 17 to submit to the practice. More than school-age boys, including one year-old, have been strip-searched by the New South Wales police in the past three years. As the NSW police and state government come under increasing pressure to reform the use of strip-searching amid evidence of its widespread misuse , Guardian Australia can reveal that since police have forced boys between the ages of 11 and 17 to submit to the controversial practice.