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Frenzel provides various cosmetic surgeries to Dallas-Fort Worth residents. If you have struggled with confidence in the shape and size of your breasts, consider getting a breast augmentation , commonly known as a boob job. With larger, fuller breasts you will notice a rise in your self-perception. There are several options to consider when getting a boob job.

Boob Job in Dallas-Fort Worth

Breast Augmentation in Dallas TX | Breast Implants Dallas TX

Breast enhancement surgery is a procedure that adds volume to breasts for a fuller look. It is known as one of the most common cosmetic surgeries, granting women who dislike their breast size numerous opportunities for improvement. With the help of breast implants or fat grafting, this cosmetic treatment improves breast size and shape and produces a gorgeous and balanced outcome. Dallas, TX board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Naveen Setty is highly trained in implementing this procedure and performs many breast augmentations year-round.

Gummy Bear Breast Implants Dallas

There are several variations in breast enlargement , also known as breast augmentation, allowing a variety of alternatives to customize each procedure. There are several distinctively different breast implants currently available and two very different positions for implant placement. The sculpting of the implant space is critical to shaping the breast. Issues such as available recovery time, skin quality and desired shape will determine which type of breast augmentation is best for you.
Breast augmentation continues to be one of the top five cosmetic surgical procedures performed in the United States every year. In , over , breast augmentation procedures were performed. There are many reasons that people opt to augment their breasts, whether to enhance the size, fix an abnormality or create a greater sense of confidence.