Brock lesnar asshole

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I know Randy is a much better wrestler than Lesnar ever thought about being, and Frank Mir could've been the greatest fighter of all time if he didn't get in that motorcycle accident. There's no way either one of those guys could've lost to Lesnar. Frye met Lesnar through Brad Rheingans, a former friend and professional wrestling mentor. The trio got together a couple of times for dinner and drinks.

Current WWE Stars Who Are Jerks In Real Life And Who Are Gentlemen

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Michael Bisping HATES Brock Lesnar And Verbally Tears Him A New Asshole

Listen I respect any man that steps into the octagon because it takes balls. But if you have to go in there and take steroids to do it? Fuck you, you cocky son of a bitch.
On the latest podcast with Edge and Christian, Batista had an interesting quote in which he said that fans can separate an actor's image from the roles he play, but fail to do so with wrestling gimmicks. A large number of people still fail to distinguish wrestlers are simply portraying a character on television, and it isn't a true reflection of their real life persona. Some of the most beloved faces have turned out to be jerks with Hulk Hogan as a prime example, and you have heels who are considered to be sweethearts by all parties associated with them as well as fans who have met. Many factors come into play to label someone as a jerk, it could be their attitude towards fans, real life scandals or treatment of co-workers.