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But she was not admiring her lover's family album, she was browsing a catalogue of potential sperm donors -- the year-old is one of an increasing number of affluent single women in China that are seeking a child, but not a husband. Unmarried women in China are largely barred from accessing sperm banks and in-vitro fertilisation IVF treatment, forcing them to seek options abroad. Her choice made -- donor on the website of a Californian sperm bank -- Xiaogunzhu flew to the US to begin the first rounds of treatment. Her baby, now nine months old, is called Oscar after a character in a comic about the French revolution -- a nod to the donor's French ancestry.

Chinese Sperm Donors

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Australia's unofficial most-prolific sperm donor - who has fathered 23 children in a year - is being investigated by authorities for creating too many offspring. Alan Phan, who has two children of his own, has been privately providing sperm to would-be parents as well as donating through registered fertility clinics. Several clinics told the authority that Mr Phan had been donating sperm outside their registers and might have helped create more children for others than is permitted. Under Victorian law men can only create ten 'families', including their own.

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Men of Chinese heritage often come from a diverse mix of ethnicities, and our database is a reflection of this. When considering a Chinese donor, you will find that some are a mix of Asian ethnicities while others also include a hint of a European ancestry. Browse our complete list of Chinese sperm donors below.