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Church Groups

English Martyrs Church have numerous clubs, offering something to all members of our Parish and Community.

The Bible Society
Aimed to respond to the serious needs of the parishioners to read, live and teach the bible. The need was necessitated by the Lord’s injunction “go you into the world and preach the Gospel” Mk. 16:15.

Children’s Liturgy
Aimed at children aged 3+. Children leave the mass after the opening prayers at the 11.30 am Mass and they come back in at the offertory. During this time, they listen to the Gospel and join in the mass, but the mass is given to them in a theme that they will be able to understand.

Union of Christian Mothers (UCM)
This is an organisation set up by the women of this Parish offering support to the Parish and the surrounding communities.

Food Bank

This is a place where stocks of food, typically basic provisions and non-perishable items, are supplied free of charge to people in need.

Knights of St. Columba
The Knights of St Columba are an Order of Catholic Laymen dedicated to the Service of the Church and fellow man. The Organisation, which is non-political and essentially democratic, exists to support the mission of the Catholic Church and at the same time to work for the spiritual and material good of its members and their families. Peckham Council 117.


The Knights of the Altar is an organization of boys and girls,men and women who serve Our Blessed Lord at His altar.