Porsche hot rods

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Sign up to receive the weekly newsletter featuring the very latest from Petrolicious. Photography by Patrick Stevenson. When humans see red, their reactions become faster and more forceful. There is nothing stock about this Carrera anymore, as every fender and bushing has been massaged or replaced to suit the functions of speed and cornering or more accurately, speed while cornering.

Porsche Outlaws/Hot Rods

A Porsche / Bentley V8 Turbo Hot Rod By Alexandre Danton

Subscribe Today at Huge Savings! The facility is easy to overlook, situated on a corner off Exposition Boulevard in Los Angeles and blending in with the row of other commercial buildings that have made up the neighborhood since the earlier part of last century. And Marlon Goldberg likes it that way. If two words describe Goldberg and his work on Porsche automobiles, those would be discreet and fastidious. The shop could more easily be mistaken for the open-plan office of a hip architectural firm, with wood partitions floating in metal framework that give the surroundings a distinctly mid-century vibe.

A Porsche 911 / Bentley V8 Turbo Hot Rod By Alexandre Danton

A bespoke chassis was created to accommodate a turbocharged, front-mounted 6. Above Image: The car is powered by a turbocharged 6. Danton is well-known for taking both parts and inspiration from around the world, known officially as the Danton Arts Kustoms Targa, this car takes its prodigious engine from Britain, its body from Germany, and its core philosophy from the United States — and it was all built by a Frenchman. Although it has clearly been built for straight-line speed rather than cornering, with its live axle rear and wide rear tires, the car does also have double wishbone front suspension with coilovers allowing full adjustability and the ability to change ride height. Up front the car uses a style front clip with a cold air intake filling the righthand side headlight location and feeding back into that Bentley V8.
Classic Porsche models, those that only need air to cool down their rear-mounted engines, are highly revered by Porsche-philes. These cars' purity is tantamount, and if you've ever sat down and talked to one, you'll know what I mean. But I'm not sure what these fans would feel about this build we've stumbled upon Bonhams via Silodrome. It was born as a Porsche T but as you can see in the walkaround video above and gallery below more photos in the original listing , the final product could raise eyebrows.